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An Help from Gretel

Looking around, in a time when everything seems to have stopped, I was able to realize how much the world is actually constantly evolving.

The static nature of the things I perceived was only given by the fact that I was too focused on what will "come next" in this dark moment that I could not look at the present and the possibility of transformation that has been given to the world.

This intuition reminded me of a phrase taken from Orazio's praise "carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero", I started thinking about what I could do, to leave something of me in the world, right now, forget the plans that I had for the future I imagined.

I decided to put my work at the service of humanity, starting a project that includes an online e-commerce, in order to make my creations available all over the world, but adding a particular note: part of the proceeds will go to a charity initiative dedicated to supporting the effort of Italian healthcare personnel employed in the front line against the emergency of COVID-19 in the Lombardy region.

This is an opportunity that concerns all of us, a situation that can be best exploited to enrich our soul and bring back those dear priorities and human virtues that, in the fight against time that characterizes our century, have often been neglected.

Firma GZ Covid19-BIANCA.png
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