Having always been attracted by all artistic forms and representations, understood as an expression of one's most intimate and hidden "Self", despite her young age Gretel Zanotti approaches the study of art history with a particular interest in the Renaissance.


Creative and talented, thanks to her artistic training, she approached the fashion world early and at just 20 years of age decided to undertake a path aimed at the material representation of her vision of art through sophisticated creations and haute couture.
Positive and determined but with a sensitive soul she decided to bare her soul, transferring her personality, simultaneously strong and fragile, to her creations, a mirror for her idea of ​​femininity and sensuality which are far from being vulgar.

Eclectic and a lover of what is objectively beautiful, she is always fascinated by the details of a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, an architectural work and turns them into sources of inspiration. Thus Gretel's creative process originates in her interest in a specific artist/designer or an art movement, the study and research of the dominant leitmotifs and the various forms of expression, which are then re-interpreted by her creativity and transferred, adding her personality and identity, to the women's fashion world. The lines and cuts of her garments, produced entirely in Italy, are tailored with quality fabrics and materials and experiment with new artistic techniques. They are clean and free of excess, simple and minimal.

This is how Gretel Zanotti's Woman is created. A woman with personality, self-confident but also aware of her timidity and weaknesses, which she conquers with elegance and sensual determination.

A classy woman who knows how to seduce without having to show too much, genuine, practical, in continuous movement, and who pays careful attention to details.