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FALL/WINTER 2019-2020

For the F/W 19/20 Ready to Wear, Gretel Zanotti signs a collection that can be described as ACTION PAINTING. These garments were created by following the flow of emotions, just like with expressionism, and brought to life through a psychological process: just as if the garments were born from an urgency impulse that needs to materialize itself. The designer is acting towards the creation of something and letting the work reveal itself as the creation process begins, and proceeds without guidelines nor limitations.

This collection is the very expression of the essence of the GRETEL Z. brand and its designer, whose soul is revealed through every single carefully selected feather, handmade flower, and every inch of selected fabric (which Gretel chooses with the kind of love only a creators develop towards their creations). The style is characterized by the “choice to act”, using clean and rigorous lines, enriched with details
that enhance the sensuality of the feminine forms. The intention is to focus on the “feminine power” under various perspectives, putting the wearer under a sensual, feminine and elegant spotlight, by using a wide range of materials and colors.
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