Fall/Winter 2021-2022


They wore short skirts, listened to jazz and flaunted their contempt for what had been the role imposed to the female image until then: these are the essential characteristics of the women who dominated the Western scene in the 1920s. They were seen as cheeky because of their excessive make-up, they drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes, drove cars and, above all, they dealt with sex with extreme ease, favoring casual sex for the sole pleasure of doing so, thus escaping the rigid and bigoted social rules, sparking numerous criticisms from the right-thinking society.
For the FW 21/22 season Gretel Zanotti has decided to honor the resourcefulness and courage of these women, who fought for their rights, in order to reaffirm, a hundred years later, what women have been and still are capable of.
Focusing on the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in Italy par excellence, GRETEL Z. gives life to soft and fluid day dresses, to dresses that take up the garçonne look typical of the time, but also to “flapper girl” dresses: knee-length, with fringes, feathers and precious swarowski, which you can easily imagine on a dance floor while shaking to the notes of the Charleston.
The clothes of this collection are characterized by colors that allow oneself to be noticed: this chromatic choice is not casual, it is aimed at enhancing the personality of the wearer and at remembering the strength of women in the 1920s, ready to outclass male supremacy, by making their voices heard and not letting others speak for them.

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