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FALL/WINTER 2022-2023

The soul, from time to time, needs to recover from the chaos of the outside and regenerate itself in the dark, inside the body that hosts it.
Like the seeds and roots, which descend into the depths of the ground to rest and prepare to rise upwards as soon as it is time to sprout, it looking for a particular and ideal moment for undertaking a profound introspective work. Seeing in the calm and strong energy power that characterizes the Winter season an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the ego, listening to the power of inherent nature in the human being, Gretel Zanotti has decided to accompany her viewers towards the search for treasure lying in the darkest depths of oneself. GRETEL Z. dresses up as a ferryman of spirits: a real guide ready to welcome you e accompany you in the discovery of the fascinating otherworldly world.

The creative process, which led to the birth of a collection with colors all dedicated to celebration of the beauty of Mother Earth, it is inspired by cultures spread since the dawn of time in all over the world, who see death as a change of state, a transformation that allows to the soul to return to the Light to the Infinite.


Not surprisingly, the garments belonging to this collection are evidence of the energy flow that lights up the temple resident in Man.
Remaining faithful to the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in Italy for excellence, with its precious crystals and its graceful feathers, GRETEL Z. gives life to dresses that they follow the characteristic lines of the parent company while enriching themselves with details aimed at recovery of hand-painted esoteric symbols, such as snakes, pomegranates, magical plants and lotus flowers

The Maison offers its public a spectacular cultural immersion to discover concepts existentially magical, presented in the form of clothes aimed at clarifying and investigating the hidden mystery behind the appearance of rites, symbols, traditions aimed at interior illumination, which is the the result of personal research or initiation, with the aim of transforming the woman who takes them wears in an enchantress: a determined woman, a passionate lover like the implacable ones proto-witches of the ancient era.

Special Thanks to my Teacher Isabel

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