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FALL/WINTER 2023-2024

The GRETELZ. Autumn/Winter 2024 collection was bor from the memories of the splendor of Atlantis, the infamous and unknown continent "supposedly" located in the Atlantic Ocean.

A place teeming with fruits and minerals joyfully donated by Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth:

a symbol of not only material, but above all spiritual abundance.

For this season, the young designer wanted to pay homage to her creations of virtues belonging to a perfect citizen of Atlantis: spirituality, simplicity and extreme beauty interior and exterior.

The creative process carried out by Gretel Zanotti is characterized by a method that uses images and symbols with the aim of communicating the importance of awakening one's soul e purify her through her art.

The collection is thriving with dresses in dusty and cold colours, ranging from icy white to a intense midnight blue, used wisely to recreate the atmosphere of prosperity of the ancient Atlantean civilization.

Always remaining faithful to the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in

Italy par excellence, and with its graceful feathers, the GRETEL Z. maison gives life to clothes that follow the characteristic lines of the parent company while being enriched with details such as fringes made with the use of precious crystals and fabrics enriched by hand paintings made by the designer herself.

This collection gives life to a spectacular connection between the mystique and the richness of one Now submerged land and the sparkle of an emerging and contemporary brand, which offers the stylist the opportunity to convey a divine message and make the woman to whom the creations Haute Couture belonging to the collection are directed, a beautiful creature with a

All-round beauty.

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