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La femme fatale is a woman who through her mysterious charm and sensuality causes a sadistic desire in the man to succumb to, becoming a puppet manipulated by her darker side.
These bewitching women embody repressed erotic drives and represent everything that is taboo in the social sphere.
From the indissoluble interweaving of purity and perversion comes the femme fatale as it is known to all is represented: a woman who uses seduction to achieve her goals.
For the SS 2020 the brand GRETEL Z. is on the same level as the Femme Fatale that is the inspiration for her collection: this season the designer chooses to design models able to emphasize the beauty of female forms, with the aim of creating clothes that will not go unnoticed. 
Using her top quality fabrics and crystals, daring with slits and necklines and making the most of the excellence of a brand entirely Made in Italy, Gretel Zanotti has created something completely new and full of lust, intended for a woman who is not afraid to show off her sensuality: a powerful collection for powerful women.
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