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For the SS 2021 collection Gretel Zanotti has decided to draw inspiration from the magical world of nymphs.

The peculiar characteristics of these divine creatures (charm and youth) have inspired the works of many painters, sculptors, poets and musicians of all ages;

The thread that connects all the designer's collections, therefore, remains the idea of allowing those who dress their brand to become a work of art, highlighting a new feature every time: in thismcollection the femininity of the woman in the its purest and most delicate version, in addition to its natural tendency towards protection and self-care and what is dearest to it.

His most recent creations are, in fact, clothes that, through the almost surreal use of fine fabrics and precious crystals, are able to envelop the wearer with the same graceful aura of mystery and splendor that characterizes the pleiades, the nereids, the malíe and le anthuse.

This summer it will be impossible not to notice a GRETEL Z. Woman, made unique by enchanting clothes, which underline her romanticand seductive nature, grace and ethereal beauty.

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