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Traveling has always been a source of artistic inspiration: savoring external stimuli, discovering, knowing new environments, trying new things... all this allows us to relativize ideas and thoughts, overturn old patterns and learn.
The suggestions given by travel are hardly forgotten, indeed, they often return home with the traveler.
And it is from her baggage that Gretel Zanotti drew inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2022 collection.
The young designer has decided, in fact, to pay homage to the beauty and energy of Japanese nature, encountered during her journey... A journey that turned out to be a life experience, which gave her the opportunity to discover a new side of herself.
Visiting such a mythical and shining place, where the origins of Eastern civilization knowledge reside, spiritually involved the designer,leading her to make an itinerary of the imagination towards her ideal world, made up of boudoir, cherry blossom trees and endless bamboo forests.

This path could not fail to turn into the beginning of a creative process, which led to the birth of a collection with soft, gentle, delicate colors. The choice of colors, as for every garment belonging to a collection signed by GRETEL Z., is not accidental.
They recall the feeling of calm and peace felt by the designer immersing herself in the Japanese context and feeding on the unique and strong energy that this environment emanated: so strong that it almost stops time and space, canceling out everything else.
Remaining faithful to the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in Italy par excellence, to its precious Swarovski and its graceful feathers, GRETEL Z. gives life to clothes suitable to dress a woman at 360 degrees: soft and fluid dresses or garments suitable to be worn in more formal situations, but also in moments of total immersion in the energetic nature that inspired them.

Furthermore, the Maison, creating a brilliant combination of Japanese and European aesthetics, offers its public a spectacular cultural fusion, presented in the form of two Haute Couture dresses, designed to tell the story of two future brides: with different and similar experiences at the same time.

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